A wind of change blows over the native territory of North America, a new wind coming from France and bringing both a different way of life and the Word of God. Filled with hope, European civilians and missionaries create and cultivate a microcosm that cannot take root smoothly. Confronted with an unspoiled, unyielding wilderness, they are obliged to adapt to a perpetually changing climate: the dry cold of winter, the gentle warmth of spring, the searing heat of summer and the legendary coolness of fall.

These newcomers, the men and women who come to settle the unknown land, integrate the new space with their own culture. This combination imposes its own rhythms, a pace that is reflected in these people’s acts and gestures. From childhood to old age, the newcomers follow a path marked by discovery, determination, knowledge and sacrifice. Together, they appropriate the territory, forge the rhythms of their lives, hand down knowledge and attend to their daily tasks. By dint of great effort and under the guidance of God, they surrender to the seasons of New France.

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