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Sur un chemin de campagne bordé d'arbres, de maisons et d'une croix de chemin, un vieillard se repose au bord d'un ruisseau alors qu'un fermier fait promener ses vaches. / On a country road lined with trees, houses and a cross, an old man rests by a creek while a farmer walks his cows.

La croix de chemin, undated

in Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal, Le chemin de croix, 1916
Musée de la civilisation, Musée chinois des missions des Jésuites Collection, 90-7010

Road Crosses

There are several Crosses put up by the roadside, which is parallel to the shores of the river. These crosses are very common in Canada, and are put up to excite devotion in the traveller. They are made of wood, five or six yards high, and proportionally broad. In that side which looks towards the road is a square hole, in which they place an image of our Saviour, the cross, or of the holy Virgin, with the child in her arms, and before that they put a piece of glass, to prevent its being spoiled by the weather. Those crosses, which are not far from churches, are very much adorned (...). A figure of the cock, which crowed when St. Peter denied our Lord, is commonly put at the top of the cross. (See Pehr Kalm)