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À la lueur d'un flambeau tenu par un jeune enfant, une femme richement vêtue se coiffe sous l'oeil attendri d'un homme. / By the light of a torch held by a youngster, a richly dressed woman is arranging her hair, while a man affectionately watches her.

L'Orgueil, 17th Century

Gerrit Van Honthorst
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Collection, 1991.515

Ostentation and Futility

These persons seem "to have an attire more proper for the ball and the theatre than for a church service, not having an ounce of shame in profaning the House [of God] and thus setting traps for the purity of those who come to make their prayers".

"But what is even more criminal before God is the fact that some girls and women dare approach the sacraments, present the Holy Bread [sic], come to the offertory and take collection in Church in this indecent state (...)."

For these reasons, We [sic] expressly forbid all girls and women, whatever their quality and condition, to approach the Sacraments, present the Holy Bread, come to the offertory, and take collection in the churches in the indecent manners that we have specified in our present mandamus, and all the curates of our diocese to accept them in this state; but we wish that, when they come to church, they appear with the propriety and modesty required by Christian holiness and humility".