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Dans un bordel, deux officiers du corps de garde fument la pipe à une table improvisée. / In the half-light of a brothel, a man falls for a woman's charms, under the eyes of his three friends.

Le cabaret, undated

Le Prince
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Collection, 1993.26899


"Having been informed that, as a consequence of a marriage celebrated in this city of Québec, for the last six days, a great number of persons of either sex are said to meet every night to engage in charivari and to have committed, in their disorderly and scandalous liberties, as regularly happens, quite impious acts that put to shame our Mysteries, the Truths of the Christian religion and the holy ceremonies of the Church, and having been obliged to call upon the secular powers to stop such gatherings, which these same powers used their authority to repress, but which, in spite of this, we have learned, have not only continued, but also increased from day to day, as has their impiety, we are obliged, by duty of our responsibility, to unite the authority of the Church with that of the secular powers and to oppose with all our might such impiety and such expressly forbidden gatherings to believers of either sex and even by civil ordinances, since, there is nothing more injurious to religion, proper morals, the public good, and to the tranquillity of all families". Whosoever should participate in a gathering known as a charivari will be punished with the most dire of consequences: excommunication".

Têtu, H. et C.O. Gagnon, éd. Manements, lettres pastorales et circulaires des Évêques de Québec, Québec, Imprimerie Générale A. Côté, 1887.