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Une bourgeoise richement vêtue salue, tête baissée, un gentilhomme au visage hautain. / A richly dressed bourgeois woman nods her head in greeting to a gentleman with a haughty air.

La révérence, undated

G. J. Pinwell
in H. W. Dulcken, Dalziel's Illustrated Goldsmith, 1865
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Library, 436.3

Ball and Dance

"However, given the age and lively spirits of their daughter, Mademoiselle needs some entertainment and recreation, and we may deign to permit her some decent and moderate dances, but with persons of her sex only, and in the presence of Madam her Mother, but not in the presence of men and boys, this mixing of the sexes being strictly speaking what causes the risks and dissoluteness of the ball and of the dance".