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Dans son opulente résidence, un seigneur reçoit des convives autour de sa table, où discussion, vin et nourriture sont à l'honneur. / In a sumptuous residence, a seigneur entertains guests at his table, where the conversation, wine and food are sure to be excellent.

Un souper chez un seigneur canadien, undated

in Philippe Aubert de Gaspé, Les Anciens canadiens, 1925
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Library, 648.5

Supper with a Canadian Seigneur

"The menu included an excellent soup ... and a cold dish called "Easter Pie" ... and would have been the envy of even so consummate a gourmand as Brillat Savarin, for it consisted of a turkey, two chickens, two partridges, two pigeons, and the saddle and haunches of two hares, all covered with thick strips of lard. ... Ground spices and large onions, stuffed in here and there, completed the whole ... the bottom crust, which rose to a height of three inches about the flanks of this culinary monster, was at least an inch thick. Indeed, this crust was a delicious part of this incomparable dish, for it was saturated with the juices of all the meats."

The Feast

"When our Lord the Governor and our Lady the Governor's wife honour some person with their presence at his house, it is convenient that the invitation be for dinner and not supper, so as to preclude in that manner the late hours, the dangerous pastimes and other unfortunate consequences that customarily occur at evening feasts and gatherings".