Prayer time

As a day of rest, Sunday was reserved for prayer. The main services, high mass, catechism for adults and vespers were also held on this day. Attending Sunday mass, advised to hear in one?s own parish, was an obligation for the settlement?s congregation. At the end of that celebration, the governor and the intendant?s edicts were read and displayed. The church steps thus became one of the community?s major meeting place.

Agenouillé devant un moine, un homme attend la communion. / Kneeling before a monk, a man waits for Communion.

La communion, undated

Andrée M. Houde
in l'Almanach de l'Action sociale catholique, 1942
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Library, 603.2

À proximité de son foyer, un vieil homme fume sa pipe, bien assis sur sa chaise. / An old man puffs at his pipe, sitting comfortably in his chair near the fireplace.

Le Père Godbout, undated

Charles Huot
in Pierre-Georges Roy, Lîle d'Orléans, 1928
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Library, 708.3