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Sous la direction d'un maître d'oeuvre, un groupe d'hommes s'affèrent à hisser une cloche à l'aide de câbles. / Following a foreman's directions, a group of men are busy hoisting up a bell with cables.

The Toning of the Bell, undated

in Canadian llustrated News, 1882.
Musée de la civilisation, Séminaire de Québec Library, 544.4

Church Bells

Whether they ring out sadness, hope or happiness, church bells summon the congregation to pray and to experience current events. Never silent, they fulfil their religious and social mission and bring the news to anyone within earshot. As the voice of the Church, they announce the beginning of the day, ring the midday Angelus, call for prayer and tell the faithful when to thank the Creator for the good deeds of the day. As the voice of the community, they warn of danger, bring back memories, invite the faithful to celebrate and comfort everyone with the reminder that Christian salvation cannot be found on Earth, but rather in Heaven.